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Session Topics

The 2024 Changemakers in STEM Virtual Youth Congress will cover four main tracks over three online sessions. These tracks are divided into the following:


The idea that people must interact with the environment in a way that ensures there will be enough resources for future generations. The goal is to produce goods and services so that irreplaceable resources aren’t depleted. These natural resources include food, water, plants, and minerals.

Tech for Good

How we use technology to benefit people and the planet. Examples include using data models to determine air quality, how Internet of Things devices can monitor energy use and track water consumption, and satellite technology built to identify and protect conservation efforts. Other methods where technology is used to benefit society are illustrated by the development of machine learning tools to help un-homed people find careers and gamified simulation training to help traumatized teenagers.

Aerospace Engineering

The field of engineering focused on the designing, building, and testing of machines that fly both within and without Earth’s atmosphere. Aerospace engineers develop technologies that are used in aviation, defense systems, and spacecraft.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Intelligent human behavior. In this way, computers learn from data and can make predictions or decisions based on this knowledge. The goal is for the computer to improve its performance over time. Computers can watch and observe what others do and then copy that action; watch and observe and then use logic to make their own decisions based on previous interactions with data; and learn from their previous mistakes.

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